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Edmonds Garage Doors is the top garage door company in Snohomish County, and our history parallels the story of Edmonds, WA. The early days of Edmonds are fascinating to read about, and the account of major ups and downs as the city struggled for an identity at the turn of the 20th century.

24 Hour Garage Door RepairEdmonds Garage Doors is here to help with any service you may need on your garage door from simple repairs to complete installations. We can help with commercial doors, residential doors, overhead doors, sectional doors...basically any type of garage door our there Edmonds Garage Doors can fix.

Here at Edmonds Garage Doors, we’ve also had a lot of ups and downs, but that’s the nature of the garage door business – ups and downs. While people like to believe that the old days were the good ol’ days of simplicity and stress-free living. But life in Edmonds, WA was no cakewalk. There were serious financial panics and major fires that threatened our growth, but we persevered. In 1911, the first automobile rolled into Edmonds, sparking the start of road-building and commercial and residential expansion.

That was an historic day back on July 22, 1911, when Edmonds’ first car arrived in town, a 1910 Packard Model 30 with all the bells and whistles of the day (namely brakes and a windshield). Soon after, many cars came to Edmonds, and they needed places to sleep. That’s when the great Garage Door Boom of 1913 began.

Edmonds Garage Doors Will Be Around For Many Years

Fast forward a hundred years to 2013, when today’s Edmonds is teeming with cars and garages. Edmonds Garage Doors has been installing and repairing garage doors as long as anyone can remember. In fact, we’ve probably serviced most of the garage doors on your block. We may have serviced YOUR garage door in the past. If not, why not?

Edmonds Garage Doors has the most experience, the best technicians, and the fastest service around. We can install, service and repair any garage door or opener system – on the spot.

Our technicians pride themselves on same-day repairs, usually completed within the hour. They are fully equipped with everything your garage door will need to get it back on track and running smoothly.

Edmonds Garage DoorsThe fact that we’ve been around for decades, and we’re not planning on going anywhere in the future, makes Edmonds Garage Doors the perfect company for you. Here’s why: We keep extensive records of any service we do. We have a permanent record of your garage door and opener history. (The other garage door companies keep only a permanent record of your credit card number and expiration date.) We’ll know when your garage door springs were changed, and when your tracks were lubricated, even if you don’t.

Call Edmonds Garage Doors Right Away – Before Your Garage Door Gets Any Worse

The key to garage door longevity is attention. You have to pay close attention to you garage door. Your door will tell you when something is amiss by becoming noisy. And it will get noisier and noisier until you get it repaired. The good folks at Edmonds Garage Doors want to remind you that garage doors NEVER repair themselves. On the other hand, if you have your door serviced or repaired by Edmonds Garage Doors, you’ll have fewer repairs, fewer breakdowns and two less things to worry about – your garage door and opener.

The key to proper garage door maintenance is choosing the right company for the job. If you choose Edmonds Garage Doors to do the job, you’re doing the right thing.

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Edmonds Garage Doors Satisfaction Guarantee

With so many companies that are eager for your business, why not choose the one who will not only do the best service for you; but will also stand by our garage door repairs with a satisfaction guarantee? The choice is clear: Choose Edmonds Garage Doors.

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