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Edmonds Garage Door Openers is all about choice. What kind of opener should Edmonds Garage Door Openers install in your garage? ANY ONE YOU WANT!

Edmonds Garage Door Openers offers all the major brands, all the top models and all the latest technology. Here’s a quick look at the four most popular opener styles on the market, and why they’re so popular.

Edmonds Garage Door OpenerThe chain drive opener works by lifting and lowering a chain to open and close the garage door. The chain drive opener is installed in the center of your garage door ceiling and it controls the operations from above. Chain drive openers are one of the most popular openers and they are reliable. The main drawback of chain drive openers is noise – they make a racket! Edmonds Garage Door Openers can help service or install any chain drive opener.

The belt drive opener operates like the chain drive opener, the only real difference is that it uses a belt rather than a chain to lift and lower the door. Belt drives are currently the most popular openers on the markets, mainly because they’re efficient, so homeowners with belt drives keep recommending them to other homeowners. Belt drive openers are preferred because they’re also very quiet compared to other drives, a major consideration if you have a bedroom over the garage.

The screw drive opener is best for wide heavy doors. This opener can lift heavier loads than the belt drive and is cheaper than the chain drive. It uses a threaded rod that moves along the track to lift and lower the door. The best thing about screw-drive openers is their small number of moving parts, which translates into fewer breakdowns. Main drawback here is the level of noise produced, no big deal if you’re accustomed to living above a bowling alley on Big ‘N’ Tall Night.

The jackshaft opener is used for smaller garage spaces. It is compact and cute, placed on the side of the garage door instead of the ceiling, so it is designed for garages that don't have very high ceilings. These openers are most commonly used in apartment complexes and condominiums. They are very efficient and relatively quiet.

Edmonds Garage Door Openers Has The Perfect Opener For You

Edmonds Same Day Opener RepairOur knowledgeable technicians will help you decide which opener best suits your needs – and your budget. We never try to upsell you products or services you don’t need, and we always give straight answers to your garage door questions. Oftentimes, a faulty garage door opener needs a whole new motherboard. The techs from Edmonds Garage Door Openers will let you know if your garage door opener is fixable, and (more importantly) if it’s worth fixing.

You know, for a few hundred dollars nowadays, you can get a brand spanking new state-of-the-art garage door opener with all the bells and whistles installed. And that new garage door opener can be expected to work obediently for decades without breaking a sweat. That is fantastic bang for your buck, and one of the last great bargains of home ownership.

You can count on Edmonds Garage Door Openers to be on the cutting edge of new garage door technologies. We were the first garage door service in the area to offer the latest million-code remote control programming, and the first to install the new Chamberlain “smart” openers that link through your cellphone and the Internet. You may not need to control your garage door opener from 4,000 miles away, but now you can!

Call Edmonds Garage Door Openers at the first sign of trouble, and we’ll save the day for you.

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With so many companies that are eager for your business, why not choose the one who will not only do the best service for you; but will also stand by our garage door opener repairs with a satisfaction guarantee? The choice is clear: Choose Edmonds Garage Door Openers.

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