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Edmonds Garage Door Repair has been proudly serving the community of Edmonds, WA for more than two decades. During that time, we’ve serviced and repaired thousands and thousands of garage doors around town. Maybe even yours!

Edmonds Same Day Garage Door RepairIn fact, we’ve never seen a garage door we couldn’t repair or fix. Our technicians can perform ANY garage door-related service, from replacing broken springs and cables, to reprogramming openers and remote control units.We just love working on garage doors and repairing them to their former glory.

Edmonds Garage Door Repair is your one-stop shop for all garage-related repairs and service.

Our highly skilled repairmen are able to fix and program all the latest technologies, including the new “smart home” openers and the upcoming Google Garage system. Smart home openers, like those introduced recently by Liftmaster, contain circuitry that connect through the internet to your cell phone. The Google Garage system is the next level of consumer convenience – it allows you to open your garage door with your Google Glasses by just winking!

We Guarantee Your Experience Will Be Pleasant

You probably HATE when your garage door breaks down, but it happens so seldom that you needn’t stress. If you call Edmonds Garage Door Repair, you’ll have even less stress because we’re in it for the long haul. We know that garage door repair is something you do every 5 or 10 years, so most garage door repair services don’t care about customer service or repeat business. They just want to make a quick profit on your garage door woes. They don’t care about you; they never did.

Instead choose the garage door service with the best reviews and the biggest customer base, choose Edmonds Garage Door Repair. Our technicians don’t only fix garage doors, they also eat, sleep and breathe garage door repairs – unlike those other guys.

Edmonds Garage Door RepairYou see, most of the garage door repair services in Washington hire general mechanics, who are not suitable for the more complicated repairs. These Jacks of all trades are basically bicycle repairmen who own big ladders. Edmonds Garage Door Repair hires only dedicated garage door repairmen who have at least 5 to 7 years experience in garage door repair. We don’t fool around when it comes to garage door safety.

Safety First – Edmonds Garage Door Repair Keeps Your Family Safe

Edmonds Garage Door Repair keeps your family safe in every way. For starters we minimize your garage door’s “down” time when it malfunctions. Of course, sometimes it’s stuck in the “up” position during its “down” time, but Edmonds Garage Door Repair has you covered in any case. We rush over to your house and repair your garage door or garage door opener in a jiffy. The inconvenience to you and your family is short-lived and bearable. Edmonds Garage Door Repair makes sure your garage door continues to protect you, your family and your vehicle.

We also protect your family by reinforcing all the wall anchors and brackets during installation, and by testing your garage door system immediately after any repairs or service has been done. As you may know, garage door repair is dangerous work which is best left to the professionals. It’s getting increasingly difficult to find garage door springs in hardware stores, and impossible to buy any high-tension brackets that affix to the garage door or to the wall. That’s because the major insurance companies have been lobbying the government for years to outlaw retail sales of garage door system parts, in order to prevent the 30,000+ garage door repair accidents that are serious enough for Emergency Room attention. Instead, call Edmonds Garage Door Repair right away, and we’ll do the dirty work for you.

Edmonds Garage Door Repair

Edmonds Garage Door Repair Satisfaction Guarantee

With so many companies that are eager for your business, why not choose the one who will not only do the best service for you; but will also stand by our garage door repairs with a satisfaction guarantee? The choice is clear: Choose Edmonds Garage Door Repair.

Edmonds Garage Door Repair

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