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Edmonds Garage Door Springs is here for one reason only: to replace your garage door springs quickly and professionally, with minimal disruption of your schedule. Sometimes we change your garage door springs so quickly that you won’t even know we were there – except you’ll know it when your garage door is working right again.

That’s what we do at Edmonds Garage Door Springs, we make your garage door mellifluous.

Edmonds Same Day Spring RepairIf you don’t know what mellifluous means, then you definitely need the services of Edmonds Garage Door Springs. “Mellifluous” is when your garage door glides up and down the tracks effortlessly, with less friction than a hovercraft. It’s when your garage door makes you proud.

Edmonds Garage Door Springs has the exact spring you need, when you need it. Garage door springs are the workhorses of your automatic garage door system, raising and lowering your heavy garage door several times a day, season after season.

Stop Neglecting Your Garage Door Springs

It doesn’t take much to be a responsible garage door owner, if you follow the three-step plan below:

  • Inspect your garage door springs several times a year, making sure all springs look the same. If you have one spring on either side of the garage ceiling, they should be symmetrical and look exactly the same.
  • Have your garage door serviced regularly by a professional. While lubricating and tightening your system, he can balance the door to prevent straining the springs and cables.
  • Make sure every member of your household knows the importance of reporting any garage door mishaps to you, no matter how minor or embarrassing. Each jolt or bump to the door could throw the system out of whack, especially if unreported.
  • And always call Edmonds Garage Door Springs at the first sign of trouble. You should NEVER try to operate your door after a spring has popped, as this will undoubtedly cause damage to your tracks and pulleys. If you garage door is stuck, don’t force it up.

Why Are Garage Door Springs So Expensive?

They’re not!

Compared to other goods and services available to the homeowner, garage door springs are one of the last great bargains of modern times – especially if you have your garage door springs replaced by Edmonds Garage Door Springs.

If you do the math, it costs less than 3 cents to raise your garage door, because the springs do all the heavy lifting. (The opener just supervises the operation). Garage door springs are the unsung heroes of urban living. They lift hundreds of pounds of weight, without breaking a sweat; they have to endure freezing winters in unheated garages; and they have to listen to some of the most awful music ever made by garage bands.

In conclusion, Edmonds Garage Door Springs would like to remind you that all garage door springs are engineered to last a MINIMUM of 10,000 up and down cycles. That’s tremendous bang for your buck. Find out how you can s-t-r-e-t-c-h your dollars even more by asking your Edmonds Garage Door Springs technician about extended-warranty and heavy-duty garage door springs. Whichever spring you need, Edmonds Garage Door Springs has it in stock.

Edmonds Garage Door Springs

Edmonds Garage Door Springs Satisfaction Guarantee

With so many companies that are eager for your business, why not choose the one who will not only do the best service for you; but will also stand by our garage door spring repairs with a satisfaction guarantee? The choice is clear: Choose Edmonds Garage Door Springs.

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